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Well, yeah, kinda, 'cept that's not sistering, Alan.

And, unfortunately, that's done you no good at all.

What you've done is install partial blocking between your joists. While that could have some effect upon the between-joist deflection of your subflooring, it has no effect whatever on your woefully overspanned joists.

What you need to do is remove that blocking (I know, I know) and actually sister those joists by adding an additional joist of equal or larger size beside the existing joists. If you use 2x6 material for your sisters, you'll really want to select a more suitable wood specie, also. Southern Yellow Pine and Douglas Fir are a couple common species of framing lumber that are generally available in most areas.

The alternative is to provide a mid-span support beam or wall under the existing joists to reduce the unsupported span. Can't tell if that's an option for you or not.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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