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Alan D
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Sistering Joist Issue

Hi all,

I am currently remodleing my batroom an planning on laying ceramic tile.

I have 2x6 redwood joist, 16 inch on center spacing and 10ft between beams.

with what looks like 1/2 oak subfloor, using 1/2 ply OSB and 1/4 hardibacker.

I know this does not meet the proper delflection for tile, so I sitered up the joist.

Clearly I did not do enough research as I sister up the joist with 2x4s with 12inch spacing.

I now know I should have been using 2x6, but do you think the 2x4 at 12inch spacing will be enough to meet the 360 deflection I need.

Has anyone else done this?? what are the results, or do i need to get under the crawl space again?


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