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You'll love this. I just had a visit and recommendation from a guy touted by the biggest tile dealer in the area as one of the best tile people around, a guy who does a lot of the high end estate houses. He said to remove the top 1/2" ply and put 1/2"in hardiboard over the lower 1/2 inch ply with thinset. Said he's done this hundreds of times. Also said at his house two years ago he did 1/4" over 1/2" ply and has not had any a problem.

He also said that if the under layer of plywood needs to be replaced, he would use 5/8 or 3/4 ply with 1/4 inch hardiboard.

Still pursuing your and Mike's recommendation.

Unfortunately with my back it's going to have to be someone else who does the plywood. But good thought!

Many thanks!

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