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Mike, CX,

Thank you both so vey much.

Cabinets are semi-custom and only come in 36 and 42" in heights. Otherwise I would have gone for 39". Unfortunately we are on a limited budget. The custom were wonderful but just not affordable.

One of the contractors I have been talking with recommend removing the top 1/2 inch of ply and then covering the bottom 1/2" ply with thinset, then 1/2"
durock followed by more thinset and then the tile.

His calculations: 1/2" ply; 1/2" durock. 3/8" tile and a total of 1/4" thinset.

He says this will be very strong, last a lifetime, will not shift, and that he has done it many times.

From what you both say, do I conclude correctly that his proposal is
inappropriate and unacceptable?

Thanks again.

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