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I absuloutely is 1950's lino. It was applied with a black tar like product it looks like. Unless the product has just darkened with age. I am not taking it up then. I will however have to wrestle with the peel and stick tiles (a bigger pain than the vinyl that was glued over the lino in the hallway. The peel and stick is in the landing to the basement.

Does anyone have any great ideas on edge stripping for a stair tread nosing? I was going to use the Rondec Stair for the landing where it will transition with the carpeted stairs.

The carpet comes up around the nose of the top step/landing edge. Can anyone think of a different way to achieve a finished look there? I was thinking about a flat transition piece of metal that would be screwed through the carpet into the nose of the tread. I would leave it up high enough to cover the edge of the tile. I would then probably have to caulk this seam instead of grouting, as there would undoubtedly be some movement there.

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