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Is my subfloor good enough? And a stair nosing/transition question.

I am planning on tiling a landing and the entrance area of my house. The entrance is 4x6 feet in area. There are joists 16"OC that are 2x10 (full 2", it's an old house). then there is 1" (or slightly less) by 4 or 5 (haven't measured that) tongue and groove laid diagonally. On top of that there is 1/2" plywood. next a layer of hard linoleum and then a peel and stick tile on that.

I plan to take up the sticky stuff. The lino won't come up (I know from doing my kitchen before). Next I was going to screw down any places that are a little springy. after that is where I need some advice. Some have told me to just put a layer of 1/4" ply down and screw that in, then tile over that. Others say cement board. What do you say?

In the landing area it is 3'x3' and it is framed with 2x4's every 12". There is then the tongue and groove run perpendicular and then a layer of 1/2" ply. Again there is lino and then peel and stick. up will come hte peel and stick, and then can I just use 1/4" ply screwed down, then apply my tiles with some polymer modified thinset? or should we go concrete board?

If we do go with plywood, should it ble glued and screwed?

The tiles are 12x12 porcelain.


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