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How to replace Mexican tile floor with porcelain

I have received lots of conflicting advice on how to proceed. I will not be doing this myself but hiring someone and the "pros" have various suggestions. Each thinks his is the only way to go.

The situation:
11x12' kitchen presently with Mexican tiles. All to be ripped out and new cabinets, etc. added after new floor. Want to use 13" square porcelain tile,
3/8". There is already a height difference: kitchen is about 3/4" higher than adjacent dining room (oak T&G floor)

1. 1/2 inch ply on 2x10 joists 16" OC, (75 No. 1 SGR-N, HEM FIR-N)
2. topped by 1/2 inch ply
3. then lathe (aluminum?) and mortar (or something similar)
4. 8" generally square hand made Mexican tiles (1/2")
Total height 1 3/4"

Mexican tiles have cracked along a three foot line in recent years. Contractors say probably due to settling (Floor and are 28 years old.)

All contractors have said remove top ply layer and replace with new or (one said) with durock, another, hardiboard. Then thinset, tile and grout.

Some have said do thinset over new ply and set tile in that. Another said use mud over plywood, but height could be a factor --one suggested 3 inches of mud (which would be much too high); others say never tile directly on plywood.

Height is an issue and I must try not to exceed the 1 3/4". (Lower would be a big plus.) Otherwise the room to room transition problem will be greater. Also, the space between the refrigerator and the 24"H over-the-fridge cabinet--plus 3/4 " overhang for full overlay handleless door--will be less than 1 inch. Ceiling is 95 1/8 inches, 42" cabinets and a "tall" pantry cabinet will go to the ceiling.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how best to proceed.

Many, many thanks.

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