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I think you're both talking about a rabbet, but if you wanna put a rabbit in there and try to tile over it, makes no difference to moi.

Stopping the wallboard above the tub's tiling flange is fine, Cliff, but you still need to waterproof that junction and a bead of caulk is just not sufficient in such an area of guaranteed movement.

I recommend you use a sheet-type direct bonded waterproofing membrane over that area, with the the tub-flange portion bonded with an appropriate sealant/adhesive and the wallboard portion bonded with an appropriate thinset mortar. Makes a good waterproof joint and allows some movement accommodation, 'specially if you give the membrane a bit of a wedgie into the joint.

Unless you're planning to use small mosaic tiles on the shower walls, that bit of unsupported overhang over the tiling flange shouldn't be a problem.

2. If you elect to fur out your shower wallboard to fit over the tiling flange on the drain side, yes, you'd need to do something to accommodate that on the rest of the wall. You will, of course, have made your tub wallboard extend at least a few inches beyond the front of the tub and you could use some sort of decorative trim there, or you could fur out the entire wall as you suggested. That could be a simple matter of installing a second layer of 1/4" or 3/8ths" drywall over the existing, which is pretty simple unless there are doors or windows to accommodate. In that event you'd need to make jamb extensions and such, which may get a bit complicated.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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