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4) IMO the GB to ceiling joint in the tub/shower needs nothing more than standard drywall finishing; paper or mesh tape and compound. I actually prefer a product called Strait-Flex instead of paper or mesh tape as it makes really nice and straight inside corners, makes life easier for folks like me who just can't seem to develop a knack for finishing drywall. For a stronger bond you might consider using hot mud (comes in a bag), then use a pre-mixed compound for the final coat. Since your tile will be going up to the ceiling you don't even need to feather out the compound on the GB any lower than 4 or so inches. Optional is to seal it with a good primer on the GB, but definitely on the ceiling.

I would not use AD anywhere that won't be covered with tile, the texture will surely show through the paint.

5) The critical areas are the tubs' front radius and the inside corner where the GB will meet the tub apron. You'll want to fit the GB to hug both, leaving the aforementioned gap to be filled with sealant.

Achieving that tight fit might be difficult because of the tub flange and, the clips you mentioned. I assume the tub is plastic or fiberglass (as is mine). Instructions for mine was to drill through the lip and secure it to the studs with SS screws. The use of the clips as shown in your drawing will cause the GB to bow out at the bottom where it goes over the clips and the clip fasteners, unless you remove material from the back of the GB in those areas. Still leaves you with the GB ending just above the top of the flange (which will create a challenge to get the GB to hug the front radius of the tub). If the tub flange isn't very thick you might be able to create a rabbit on the back of the GB which would allow the GB to drape over the flange and be within 1/8" of the tub deck, which you could then fill with sealant. Another option, depending on the how the room is configured, is to install furring strips roughly the same thickness as the tub flange (in my case about 1/2") and then install the GB.
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