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Thanks Dan for replying and giving me a few things to think about.

1. The furring strips do seem secure. That being said I am worried that if I use 1 1/4 screws I might make them less secure if I push them from the block. That leaves the 1 “ by 1” staples the only approved fastener on the list that’s less than 1 1/4”. I’ve email them about applying an adhesive to the back and waiting for a reply. Something like gorilla adhesive or Liquid nails fuze it?

2. GB does have their own sealant but the OSI is on their alternative approved sealant list. Aqua Defense is also on their approved liquid membrane list. I am not sure however if AD will bond to the OSI. I assumed they would since they are both on the list but I know what they say about assuming, so I’ll do some testing first.

3. I really was feeling ify about the fibafuse and think you might be right that it’s over kill. It was a case of reading online how a few people used that method and thought why not.

4. Thanks for the advice on the ceiling. I think it will make my life easier if I take down that one sheet of goboard on the ceiling and replace with drywall. In the shower area, the wall to ceiling joint would you, A) Coat the wall and ceiling side of the joint with AD? B) Coat just the wall side of the joint with AD? C) Wouldn’t need to use AD on that joint at all?

5. I was going to use 1/8” gap along the apron down the wall and fill with the OSI sealant. 1/8 is the gap recommended from GB. I was going to cut the GB at 33 1/2 that would put it 1 1/2” pass the tub since the tub is 32” off the wall. Using 3 inch bull nose tile, 1 1/2” of the tile would be on GB and 1 1/2” over drywall with the seam being almost down the center. Then coating the seam with AD. Would you still recommend a 2” minimum of GB off the apron? I was just worried that it would be harder to conceal / finish the seam if it was only 1” from the end of the bullnose.

6. Regarding the tub apron bottom. I was just going to use the OSI sealant along the concrete slab. Then look to seal it again after the floor was laid down.

7. Where the wall meets the tub flange I’m the most unsure. The tub manufacturer said to use flange clips which I have. I’m including an image of their diagram. There is 1/4” to 1/2”where the GB would end above the tub flange. Should I just fill that area in with sealant?

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Thanks again for the advice and things to consider.
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