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Bathroom remodel - Starting off right using Goboard?

I’m starting my second bathroom remodel in 15 years. This time around I’m using goboard and was hoping to get some advice or confirmation that I’m on the right track.

For the tub / shower area, I’m using goboard and purple/drywall for the rest of the walls. Having never used goboard before, I’ve been doing some reading online and watching a few videos.

1. To secure the goboard I’ll be using 1 1/4 rock-on backer screws with the back wall being the exception. The back wall is block and only has 1 x 2 strips to secure the board. The 1 1/4 screws go slightly pass the 1x2 strips, so for the back wall, I’ll be using 1’ x 1’ galvanized staples (that was listed as an approved alternative fastener).

2. For the wall seams and screw / staple holes, I’ll be using OSI Quad Max Sealant, I’ll then be going over the sealant with 2 to 3 coats of aqua defense.

3. For my corner joints, I’m less sure if I’m on the right track. For my wall corner joints I’m planning to use the OSI sealant to caulk the 1/8 gap. Then I will put a coat of aqua defense over the joint and embed fibafuse. I’ll follow that up with 2 more coats of aqua defense. Goboard doesn’t require that but I read about a few installers using that method and to me seems like it would make for a stronger joint with less movement.

4. For my ceiling I have 1 sheet of goboard over the tub and the rest purple drywall. So, for my ceiling joints I’m going to use fibafuse and thinset then coat with aqua defense. My thinking on using the fibafuse and thinset for the ceiling joint, is it would make for a smoother transition from goboard to drywall on the ceiling. If I was to use the OSI sealant on the ceiling, I kept questioning where I should stop the sealant and start using mud, so I decided the easier thing to do would be to just tape and thinset the joint and transition to using mud after the goboard.

5. I’m also uncertain about the transition from the goboard to drywall on the walls. My tub is 32” and the goboard is 3x5. I’m planning on using 3” bullnose tile on the outside of tub on up the wall. That would put the bull nose tile ending almost exactly at the end of the goboard, which I don’t think would be the most ideal.

So, I was thinking to cut the goboard to 33 1/2. Use fibafuse and thinset on the seam. Then coat the seam with aqua defense. By doing this the seam will be behind the tile.

My concern is the goboard will only be 1 1/2 inches pass the tub. With using a shower curtain and having grand children playing in the tub, would it be better to bring the goboard further out and just finishing the seam like I would with drywall? Or, would hiding the transition seam behind the tile and extending the aquadefense out a bit be adequate?

This is where I’m currently at with the project. Any advice or even confirmation that I’m seeing things correctly would be greatly appreciated.
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