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Appreciate all the input so far. I’m looking to get the subfloor project done this weekend so wanted to run my plans by you guys to see if I’m on the right track.

For the purposes of explaining my plans well call the edge closest to the tile running parallel to the joist the south edge.

I plan on doing a partial sister of the 2x8 joist on the south edge about 4.5 feet long using glue and 2 7/8 headlock screws in order to have more joist exposed to screw the floor down to. On the east and west edge I’ll just block it perpendicular to the joist with either 2x8s or 2x6s. The north edge should be fine since I have a good amount of the joist to screw onto.

Finish it by glueing/screwing 3/4 inch plywood down, possibly a second layer. My understanding is you want the long end of the plywood to run perpendicular to the joist. Since my area is 48x32 could I just cut the long end down to 32” and use a single piece to cover the whole thing?

Also wondering if my floor will be able to support tile or if I should jus tout another solid shower base in again which is what I had before. The rest of the bathroom is 12x12 tile and seems to have held up fine.

Final question . Would adding another partial sister joist to the center joist running just a short distance between the west wall and stopping short of the drain pipe be beneficial at all? I’ll have extra 2x8 left over so just seeing how I can beef it up more.

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