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Thanks for the reply. So the dimensions of the shower are 48"x32". Yeah the joist are sitting on an exterior wall on the right side. The joist are generally 16" OC in my home however it appears the partial joist in the center that they cut was the original so the sister joist attached to it is 18" OC from the joist by the wall and about 14" OC from the joist where the tile floor is. It's a second floor bathroom and unfortunately I can't tell how far the joist runs before being supported because there is blocking between the joist about 12" under the wall obstructing my view. If it's the same as my first floor though it should be just over a 11' span from looking in my basement.

So I'll need blocking on all four sides around the perimeter, it won't be enough to just screw the plywood into the joist?
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