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I see the ends of those joists are sitting on top of a wall, do you know how far that one in the left of the picture spans?

You'll need blocking all the way around the perimeter to support the plywood edges. It can be notched as needed to allow for the plumbing and cable that I see. Just notch it no more than necessary.

If you're planning to use a tray, then I would take this opportunity to make sure the joists are all flat and level. The foam trays require a level floor for proper drainage, and there won't better time to do that.

After that, you can install 3/4" plywood, glued and screwed to the framing. Is the shower 4x8 or less? If so, you can get it all with one sheet, but you'll have to cut it into two pieces so you can install it with the face grain running perpendicular to the joists. If you use tongue and groove plywood, you won't need blocking at the one seam.

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