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Crack in grout at change of plane


We have a newly built home that was completed 8/2021. The builder’s crew did the work in the master bathroom, including the shower. They are two guys with decades of experience, but not exclusively doing tiling. They were conscientious and did an excellent job on the many parts of the house they worked on, but I am disappointed that they grouted all the change of planes in the shower, as I thought best practice was to use silicone caulk for that (completely open to advice if I am wrong on that).

I had purchased Mapei Mapesil T silicone caulk and included it with the tile and grout materials. When I saw the grout at the change of planes instead of the silicone and asked them about it, the lead guy said, “Oh, we let the owners take care of that.”

The grout has cracked at the base where the walls meet the floor. Tile is travertine. Grout is Mapei Ultracolor Plus Rapid Setting.

What should be done now – all the grout in the change of planes be removed and replaced with the silicone? Remove some of the grout but not all and replace with silicone? Silicone right over the grout?

If you can provide information about correct steps, how-to’s and any pitfalls to avoid, we’d be really grateful.

Thank you!
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