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Alright Lou so I've used Type S (structural) mud before and it works but I find that specific bag you have can be very smooth sand so it wont hold as well to the wall as a Type N (non-structural). Reason being the Type S has less sticky in it to achieve the structural rating that is needed for its normal use...foundational type applications. It works...but might throw you off how easy mud can be since this will be your first time and think all mud will behave the way that one will.

Slaking is necessary in my opinion because the work time is greatly extended, when you just mix the mud and try and go it'll set up quicker, sometimes a lot quicker. Pot life or working time depends on temperature but I'd say 45min to 1 hour and a half is normal. But don't be afraid to loosen it up if needed once or twice, this is not thinset .

You can fasten the heck outta it where needed. They make self furring lath, which has dimples to give a space behind lath but how we normally build showers its not sheathed so just the flex in the paper behind the lath gives that space. But I would not be concerned about fastening normal lath to those solid areas in a shower that you have.
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