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The realization that this tiling stuff is a lot more involved than I originally thought has started to hit me

I chatted with Custom (online support). They said Levelquik can be used over CBU (specifically, they said Wonderboard), but.. that you need to prime and use lath (similar to the requirement for use over wood).

Per your suggestion, I found that Mapei has a SLC that specifically states you can use it on CBU, and use it to encapsulate electric heating wire - Novaplan Easy.

I also called Mapei. I forgot the guys name I talked to (sorry), but he seemed pretty knowledgeable. He said to prime with Primer T and there's no need to use lath, at least for an area as small as a bathroom. BUT... here's the kicker... when I asked which of the many SLC's they sell to use (expecting him to reply with "Novaplan Easy"), he said any of them will work fine over CBU. Anyway, I think I'll go with Novaplan Easy. Now to find a place that sells it.

The Mapei tech support guy had some good suggestions:
He said he'd prefer to use heat wire instead of the heatmat as that would give the SLC more contact area with the CBU. He would also like to have the primer applied after the heatwire was fastened down, due to possibly contaminating the primer coat by walking on it when installing the heat wire. I think I'll double check with the mat manufacturer and see if it's OK to prime the heat wire.

So... there isn't a good consensus on the finer details here... as in what SLC's are OK to use over CBU, or which ones are the best in this application... or the best way to embed heating wire/mats.

It's funny, I ask the heating mat company about how to go about embedding the mat in SLC and they say "what do do the instructions of the self leveler you're using say, you need to follow their instructions"... and I ask Mapei support the same question, and they say "you need to follow the instructions from the heating mat manufacturer"

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