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posted by Les:
I'm hoping most of the lippage will disappear when I finish the grout, which will be white. However, the worst offender is on the far left, second row down and I'm concerned could interfere with future glass enclosure installation. Should I try to remove and replace this tile? And if so, how do I do that without messing up the others...?
Les, the lippage won't disappear but you can certainly build up that area with grout to hide it, you will always know it's there. I would recommend this because I know exactly what the glass installers are looking for. Put level or anything flat up that wall. If it is sticking out further than the rest and your straightedge or or level rocks on it I would redo it. They don't have a problem when it is in but it should not stick out. Glass wants flat just like your tile. As for removing the tile should you decide, pry it up it might come out without damaging the waterproofing. If it does just redo it. Tape the tiles around it and apply the red stuff again after scraping.

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