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Niche question

Hi all,

I framed in a niche in my basement shower, but misunderstood where the grout line was supposed to line up. So, long story short, I am off by 1/2" (too low). I had already installed the Durock around the niche, and taped and thinset the joints, before I realized my error.

To fix it, can I just thinset in another piece of 1/2" Durock on the bottom of the niche (and then add more tape and thinset)? Does it have to be screwed in too? I have the 1-1/4" special screws, but figured that they won't reach the supporting 2x4 so perhaps it would be better not to drill more holes in the CBU?

I suppose I could just live with the grout lines not lining up...but I have come this far...

Thanks in advance for your guidance,
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