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Welcome back, Al.

If you already have a good exhaust fan, then there are a few other suggestions I would make:

1. Towel dry the shower after each use. If two people are using it back to back, only the last person to use it would need to dry it. A squeegee helps, but I've found a towel to be faster and more thorough. Your call.

2. If the shower has a door, leave it open as much as possible to accelerate drying.

3. If possible, switch to liquid soap. For some reason it requires less cleaning.

4. When cleaning is required, use equal parts white vinegar and the blue Dawn dishwashing liquid. Heat the vinegar in the microwave first, then add the Dawn. Shake it up to mix them in a spray bottle, and spray it on the affected areas. Let it sit for about an hour, and light scrubbing will remove normal stains. Rinse thoroughly. It's generally more for soap scum, I haven't tried it on mildew.

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