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Had one house, the old guy had absolutely no control over any bodily functions. There were literally trails of crap into every room in the house. It was bad enough that we had to replace the subfloor because it was completely rotted out from the constant barrage of turd and urine. And it was a really nice house too, they had just put like 200k into the kitchen. One of the guys who worked there ended up with a skin infection that still wont go away. The worst thing was, the old guy had no desire to change his living condition.

Just before I started our carpet guys did a job in the hood so to speak. It was so bad that they were told to bring all their tools in the building and leave the trucks unlocked. And that was in a fenced parking lot with security guys. It was down in chicago, or near there, and there were beer cans and used needles and the like in the school's hallways.
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