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Oh yeah but most of them I put out of my memory thankfully. I have had the homeowner go in and clean the toilet and pick up before I would start.

This one old old black man, really nice guy, I did his house. I did everything but his bathroom. I told him that his toilet was really old and that if it was pulled, by law I could not replace it since it was outdated by code. Plus all the plumbing would have to be redone. It looked like he never used the lid, like the toilet was just a place one would call the general vicinity of where you aim. If you just hit the toilet anywhere, I think it was good for him. Yeah, the whole house pretty much reeked of urine.

I was working in 'the hood' a couple of times. People wore there carpet out till you could see the slab. I told one lady I was working late and she said, "now child I thoughts you was packing up out here. If you don't get a moving, you will never make it out of here alive. I already done called the tile store and said why you send some nice white pretty boy out here to do my tile? You want him to get killed or something? This ain't no neighborhood for his kind."

Well it went something like that and I hurried up and threw my crap in the van. Clean thin-set out later! I'm glad she told me. Her place was fairly clean but the neighborhood was like a war zone. Was a part of Pine Hills Florida that everyone now calls Crime Hills.

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