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What's the Nastiest house or place you have laid floors in?

I've been in some doozies, but a couple of jobs I've been on made me want to leave. One lady wanted me tile her bathroom floor. We talked over the phone and I told her the price. She agreed and I told her I'd be there first thing in the morning. Get there and look at the bathroom and she has about 4 or 5 dirty pair of panties laying around on the floor( along with some other clothing). When I say dirty, I mean dirty. Looked like she had eaten a gut bomb and sharted herself repeatedly. So I'm like "WTF... I'm not touching those." I didn't know what to , I didn't want to call and say hey! Come and get your shatty britches out of the work area. Finally, I went outside and found a stick about 6' long and removed the "blow-out " kits from the work area. Anyone else come across this type of crap? Literally!
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