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Hello, Dana.

I figured your measurements up (very quickly) and came up with somewhere around 750' not including the stairs or entry. Divide that into $3,000 and you get $4 a square foot.

I'm afraid that's not going to get you anywhere near what you are wanting to do. If you find a decent tile for $2 a foot, that leaves only $2 for tearing out the existing floor, installation of the underlayment and tile, and all the necessary materials to do that. I dare say in the cheapest of markets *cough, Florida* you would not be able to get your flooring done for that amount of money.

You could probably do a part of the floor if you wanted for that amount, but you would need to plan ahead so that you could continue the new flooring on out as available funds permit. Don't let anybody convince you that they can do the job for that amount of money, as you would probably get exactly what you paid for.

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