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Okay, I give up..............

I am officially no longer ignoring this post. I want to but I can't. It just doesn't seem possible.

I was, after all, born a poor white child. Living on the wrong side of the tracks came natural to me. I mixed with the elite group on the other side on occasion. They didn't really mind....or so it seemed. I got along fine with them. I spoke to them......and they ignored me.

Then came the accident. Now I have trouble entertaining myself. I am more and less behind the eight desk, crawling thickly up the chair, ever lower toward the, the vertical sham. Papers are dangerous elements, like snow and hamburgers and drawers. It comes on slowly like a thunderclap hurts your nose. The brown ribbon constraints squeeze the milk into sacks that fill and leak, and fill and leak, then leak some more until the ceilings are black with soot. Its six o'clock according to the thingy on the chimney...doesn't seem right though...seems like it should be thiry or forty,.... or maybe less. Maybe the spinning will stop and my pencils will work again...if I can ever get the window broken.

Uh oh, here comes the girl next door. She thinks she is better than me. Ha, ha. I've got her fooled. I see her and her fancy stuff, strutting toward the tracks. She thinks she is coming to my side. She thinks I can't see her. She told me once what she wanted to do to me. I think about that a lot, but I don't know. It seems a little know what I mean. Besides, it would be awful hard to breathe if she did that. I think I'll just leave before she gets here. That'll show her. Now if I can just get this damn window broken..............
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