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I'm gettin' a headache, think I'll button up my shirt and regret I was ever a part of this.

Too funny, guys! Isn't it nice to be able to "see" to whom you are speaking?

Now listen, I've gotta say it and I'm sorry I even thought it, but I think Rob is cheatin'... he's got this model of a Hollywood gal who ate the shrink pill standin' in front of him just to make himself look REALLY BIG. Shame, shame, shame. And that beauty in his arms... you think when she's seventeen she'll remember how special she is now? Gods, for you Rob I hope so.

I was once told, after explaining to my friend that I had "lost" my daughter while she was maturing that "She'll come back to you"

I asked, hopefully of course "When?".

"Somewhere between twenty-one and forty-five" was her answer.

Ya just gotta love em every minute, eh, Rob? Anytime you wanna get rid of her for a weekend, just send her to John's and I'll teach her how to cook!!!
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