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Hey, I never claimed no interest in sniffin' cheese! Where did you make that up from, JP? I mean, uhhh, yeah I like great wines, fine gold, Vercacci sunglasses, Louis Vuoitan brief cases and all that, but does that necessarily qualify me as a cheese sniffer? Hell, just put a dab of that Feta with onion and tomatoe/basil on a loaf of fresh french loaf and I'll show you what a drag I'm not!!! hehehe.

I'll bet you don't even know how to make butter, you with your fahcy woodworker's vises. Ya needed to make it big enough to capture your head??? or wat? eh? ferget about it... you from brooklin 'er wot?

All a tease John, it's too close to the autumnal equinox to get you all peaved. I've a feeling I couldn't do that anyway so, I'll just let you pass lightly thro' the fields of holly. (now we'll find out if he's really Irish or not).

your bud,
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