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Thanks Rob for posting that youtube video of "So What" - I had never seen that clip before and now I'm going to check some of the others on youtube as well. Kind of Blue is the best jazz album of all time with some of the best jazz musicians ever. Although Cannonball Adderley and Bill Evans were unfortunately missing from the video it was great to see Mr. P.C. the greatest jazz bassist of all time and of course Miles himself. One of the things that made So What such a breakthrough when it came out is that the melody is played on bass. This wasn't new to P.C. at the time (Bass on Top is one such album) but it never got the notoriety of Kind of Blue.

If you want to see these guys from the same year minus Miles check out Cannonball Adderley's album "Quintet in Chicago" but be warned it's an entirely different feel. Cannonball likes to swing and this album does.

Thanks again for the video
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