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John, when you say you "like to keep everything at the same height" are you suggesting tile and listel be to the height of the knee wall? I think because the entire knee wall is presently tiled makes it more difficult for me to visualize it ending lower - a creature of habit, I guess.

Chuck, we're still waiting on the arrival of one of the tiles or I would be proping them up somehow - a tactic I love! I wish I did have a preference. The existing tile method never bothered me, but my tile guy says it wasn't done in a "normal" manner. I do trust him implicitly but, like you said, I have to live with it. I have been known to do things differently than the norm when it works for me; I just can't "see" this yet.

Is the configuration of my knee wall and garden tub different than the norm? Asking because nowhere have I seen the set-up I have. I will do a little more looking in the library.
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