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Garden Tub with tiled knee wall & "bench"-Picture added

Hi, I'm new and have been looking around for a little advice. You guys seem knowledgable and I hope you can help! Fingers crossed that the following makes sense...

We're in the middle of renovating our master bathroom. One wall has a walk in shower with a glass window overlooking the garden tub, followed by a knee wall with a bench/shelf of sorts which seperates the tub from the toilet. There is a window approximately 2 feet above the tub area.

OK, we're retiling and the existing tile was applied differently than my tile guy is recommending and I'm not sure what I want, what would look best or what is "correct". He suggests using only one row of my 15" tile on the wall and topping that with the 2" listel, which would allow for only maybe 3-4 inches of tile on the knee wall (topped by the same listel). I think that mightl look odd, but I'm not great at visualizing.

My thought is to tile all the way up to the height of the existing knee wall, which will end the tile about 2-3" below the window ledge. There would be a 5-6 inch cut and a whole tile with the listel on top. Does that sound like a more visually pleasing treatment?

Back to the knee wall - If I tile to it's height, what should I do to the top of it? Tile, marble, just paint it? If I use marble like I'm using for my window sill, should it over hang like a sill or be flush to the listel? I hope this makes sense!

Ideas please because I'm having a terrible time visualizing and time is short.

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