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Several people are waiting for the morning bus and line up as the bus stops at the curb. First in line is a young woman wearing a tight leather miniskirt. To her dismay, her skirt is so tight she can’t get her leg high enough to reach the first step of the bus.

After several tries she reaches behind her and opens the skirt zipper a little. She still can’t get her leg to the step. She sighs and reaches back to unzip the skirt a little more. Still no good. The third time she lowers the zipper all the way, but still cannot reach the step.

Suddenly, the man behind her puts both his hands on her behind and boosts her up onto the step.

Indignant at this, she turns red and snaps at him, “How dare you touch me like that!? How dare you!?”

The man removes his cowboy hat and smiles, “Well, ma’am, I figured after you unzippered my fly that third time we’d gotten to be a might friendly.”
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