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It so happens that there were three passengers on board a smallish twin engine plane that developed engine problems. The pilot realized that the plane could not continue on its flight over the mountains and with no place to land he decided to put it on autopilot and talk to the passengers. Arriving in the passenger compartment, he announced that the plane was going to crash, that there were three parachutes on board, and that he was going to take one of them. With that said, he grabbed one of the chutes and bailed out of the ailing plane.

The three passengers looked at each other and almost immediately one began to speak. He said that he was the CEO of three major companies. That many important projects world-wide were depending on him for action. He allowed as how he was probably the smartest man on earth and therefore he "deserved" one of the parachutes. He then picked up a pack and jumped out of the airplane. The two remaining passengers, a priest and a boy scout, looked at each other and the priest began to speak. He said that he had lived most of his life, was confident of his future, and was not afraid to die. He urged the boy scout to take the remaining chute and jump from the plane before it crashed. The boy scout just smiled and told the priest not to worry that they were both going to be okay. The priest, not understanding, asked the boy how that could be. After all they had only one parachute left. Once again the boy scout smiled, and said, "remember that last guy, the smartest man in the world? Well, he just jumped out of this airplane holding on to my backpack!"

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