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A Man is out Duck Hunting on a dreary fall day and manages to bag 3 mallards.Knowing he has his limit he takes the long walk back to his vehicle and puts his ducks in the trunk.With lights a flashin,up pulls a gamewarden.
"how did ya do" asks the warden
"got a few" says the hunter
"mind if i have a look" says the warden.
The hunter opens the trunk and the warden reaches in and grabs one of the mallards.Right off the warden shoves his fingers up the ducks butt and pulls out some corn.
"That there my friend is an Iowa duck,You got an Iowa duck stamp"?
"as a matter of fact i do" says the hunter and pulls it out.
Hmmmmmm.The warden picks up the second Duck and shoves his fingers up its butt and pulls out some Wheat.
"Now that there my friend is a Kansas duck,You gotta kansas duck stamp"?
"well,as a matter of fact i do" says the hunter and produces the Kansas stamp.
The wardens gettin a bit angry by this time and picks up the last duck and shoving his fingers up its butt pulls out some wild rice.
"That there Mister is a Minnesota duck" he says glaring."You gotta Minnesota duck stamp.
"As a matter of fact, I do" says the hunter pulling out the stamp.
The Warden looking rather confused at this point looks at him and says" Buddy,where the hell you from anyway"
The Hunter promptly Drops his drawers turns around and bending over says to the warden"Youre the friggin expert, You tell Me"
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