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There are two corrolaries to the hunter joke (I heard them first as Aggie jokes for any one you Texans):

Two guys are out hunting and lose their way. They walk over to a farm house where the lady is hanging out the wash. "Where you two boys off to?" she asks them. "We're going huntin' ma'am," comes the reply.

"Why, I'm game," says the farm lady, smiling. With that, they shot her.

** *

The two ole boys finally arrive at their deer blind, deep in the woods. One of them goes off to return some borrowed beer. Second guy hears the thrashing around in the grass when his buddy is on the way back, takes out his rifle and fires blindly. Comes the screaming.

Devastated, the shooter runs over, grabs up his buddy, slings him over his shoulder, and carries him back to town. He waits anxiously in the waiting room throughout the 12 hour surgery. Finally, the surgeon emerges.

"Doctor, doctor, did you save him? Did you save him?" the anguished hunter cries. The doctor shakes his head sadly.

"Well, son, I might could have saved him if you hadn't a-gutted him."
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