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Bud Cline
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Hillary finally arrives at the pearly gates where she is promptly greeted by St. Peter himself. Standing at the gates she peeks inside and notices clocks hanging everywhere on all the walls.

Hillary inquires as to the reason for all the clocks. St. Peter replies that there is a clock for every person on earth and these clocks are lie detectors.

St. Peter says: Over there is the clock for Mother Theresa, notice the hands have never moved. Mother Theresa has never told a lie.

And that one over there, St. Peter continues, is the clock that belongs to George Washington. Notice that the hands have moved only slightly, and over there the same goes for Abraham Lincoln's clock.

Hillary then asks: Where is Bill's clock?

St. Peter replies that Bill Clinton's clock is in Jesus' office. Oh really says Hillary, now that is very impressive.

Yeh, St. Peter continues, Jesus is using it for a ceiling fan.
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