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Hi Ed,
I'll revise JErry's advice and suggest that you have three buckets ready with pre-measured water, instead of using the same bucket for all three batches. Remember not to pour all three bags into the same spot, but distribute the SLC around the floor as you are pouring. This will aid the SLC greatly. And also remember that this stuff is incredibly viscous and will splash all over your walls if you even THINK about pouring it roughly. Mix it fast and pour it slowly.
For the primer, assume the worst case (rough concrete) and use it diluted. I also find that using a scarifier tool (pic below) to break the surface tension at the edges of your pour helps the SLC find it's "happy place" faster. Just swipe the edge a couple times if you see it developing a crest.
In about six hours time, you should be able to walk on it without worry, but it will still be fresh enough that you can clean up any high spots with a sharp-edged trowel by using it to "shave" the SLC. A belt sander will also work, though I honestly think that using the "ES" formula and mixing and pouring it all at once will leave you with few distortions.
Best of lfrtunes to you,
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