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Thanks John,

I'll shoot a message over to Eric about the NobleSeal CIS. Hey how come you got 42,582 ++ posts and I only have 29 - well 30 now?


I'll do what you say. Two minutes and then get it on the floor move some to the corners and then let it do it's job.


Thanks for the tip; I was wondering about that. As for the "Good Luck" I'm going to pretend that its not Luck.

I"m going to mix the first two-bag batch right at the doorway to the bathroom where I am going to pour. The third bag is going to be mixed by my wife and my son (well how much help do you need with only three bags?) while I pour and spread the first batch. I figure I should be able to get it all 3 bags down in less than 10 minutes.

Thanks To All,
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