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Arrow SLC on Sunday morning.

Ok, I've got my three bags of Custom LevelQuick ES and I'm planning to pour it on Sunday morning.

I've got a couple of additional questions.

1. Primer - Package says - Undiluted over smooth concrete - or - cut 50/50 with water over porus concrete. The floor I'm covering is part smooth part rough because I chipped the old tile off of it. Are you usually using the LevelQuick Primer full strength or cut 50/50??

2. Mixing - The LevelQuick ES bag says mix for 2 minutes. It also says to pour the powder slowly into the water. Would you normally mix for 2 minutes after all of the powder has been added or 2 minutes total??

This stuff supposedly has a "Pot Life" of 45 minutes and a "Flow Time" of 30 minutes so I should have plenty of time. I don't expect to encounter one of these horror stories that some other DIY'ers have written about on this forum. I'll report back when it's done.

Meanwhile I would appreciate any answer or answers to the two questions above.

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