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SLC will sand fairly easily, but with hex tiles, you really need to be flat within no more than a 16th over an inch. Bear in mind that the one inch hex tiles will sink into dips and will ride up skislopes, so unlike larger format tiles (which span those gaps), your hex tiles will show every slope and bird bath.

I will suggest that you take a good straight edge, like 3-4 feet, and go over the final SLC in every direction, and use some Custom Quick Fix to fill in the gaps. It is easier to fill in gaps than it is to sand down ski slopes. Use the straight edge like a screed to scrape away the excess Quick Fix to make as flat as a surface as you can. Let it cure, then tile. You may have to do this twice, depending on how good the final SLC pour is. I really have a hard time with SLC's and hex tiles, and it is rarely flat enough to be ready for tile.

Ditra has a waffle board surface, and as you might understand from reading the foregoing, the smaller hex tiles fall into the holes and won't span them, no the one inch hexs are a no go.

You will like Mission tile, and I know no one who hasn't preferred the historical correct tiles they offer over the street brands sold by Dal Tile and the like. Their only drawback is that most are special orders, and colors are limited, although white is pretty much standard, plus any border you chose to make. The price of their hexes are just about 50% more, but for the look that I am usually after, it is worth it.

If you are doing walls, they have some fine glazed subway tiles as well.

Any good sheet membrane, like Nobel or a flocked pvc will work out well over a slab. Mission Tile should have those, but I bet Dal Tile is cheaper if they let a DIY'er to purchase from them. Some do, some don't. The Dal Tile in Culver City is really lose on that score, as well as the one in Van Nuys.
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