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Thanks for the replys.

Scooter, We donít need to be historically correct here. Spanish revival house Ė a hex tile floor will look good in the bathroom I am redoing.

Iím tentatively looking at American Universal 1 ĹĒ glazed porcelain tile with a matt finish.

I live in the LA area and have been to Mission Tile in Pasadena in the past probably a good idea to go out and see what they have in hex tile. Thanks for the tip.

I thought I was going to get a ďdead flatĒ surface with the SLC. Like you say Iíll go over it with some thinset and a straight edge to touch it up. How soft is SLC when set? Can any high spots be sanded down?

Iím going to use Custom LevelQuick ES Ė not a stock item anywhere it seems. Iíve got three bags of it on order at HD. Iíll mix, pour, and squeegee and try not to work it too much.

Unfortunately the mud floor wonít fit. It would have to be as thin as 1/8Ē in one place and up to about 3/8Ē max. I havenít done a mud floor but I think that would be much too thin.

Iím using Ditra over the slab for the rest of my tileing project but Schluter frowns on using it with less than 2x2 tiles so Iím thinking or using Nobleseal CIS under the hex tiles. Should I use the Noble 21 ( I think ) bonding stuff or put it down with thinset?
Either way seems to be OK with them.

Right now Iím trying to get the planning and materials for the bathroom under control. I hope to get started as soon as I finish tileing the back bedroom.

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