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A couple of tips the old fashioned tiles come in two types--the Dal Tile Reproductions and other types which are more historically accurate.

The Dal Tile's version has beveled edges, which catches grout and is not historically correct.

Mission Tile out of Pasadena, California and some other suppliers make historcially correct flat hex tiles.

The setting bed has to be dead flat. SLC even under the best circumstances will not turn out dead flat. There may be some bumps and valleys. You will have to go over that with some thinset and a straight edge to make it flat.

If you have the room, I strongly suggest using a mud bed, which is dead flat and perfectly level. That would have also been the historically correct way of installation.

My experience with SLC is that you really do not want to "work" it. You pour it, you squeegie it around a bit to get into corners and the like and you let it seek its own level. Indeed the screw ups I have had occurred when I tried to "work" it too much.

Use two bags. Use a big Milwaukee Hole Shooter Drill. Add SLC to bucket of cold clean water. Mix only per package instructions, which I think is 2 minutes only. Then dump it in place. 55 sq feet is nothing. You should not have problems. Prime the substrate.

Me? I'd use a mud bed, if you have the room.
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