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Arrow Antique Repro Hex Tile Bathroom Floor

Hello again,

My next project is installing a new old fashioned hexagonal tile floor in a bathroom (approx 55 sq. ft.).

Iíve already demoed the previous tile floor. From what I read Iím going to need a very flat surface to lay these tiles and get a first class result.

Iím planning to use SLC to level the floor and raise it ľ″ to ⅜″. Iíve read, here on the JB Forum, quite a bit about SLC, and it appears to me that the pros get good results and us diyers frequently do not.

Since Iím a lone wolf Iím thinking about using Custom Levelquick ES instead of the RS so that I have a bit more time to get it installed and spread before it sets up.

Any tips on working with the ES version?

How much time did you have to work it?

Any rules of thumb on estimating how much is required other than the guesstimate of ⅛″ for 50 sq. ft. per bag?

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