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Vikings threatened same thing 2 years ago Jerry
No new stadium for them was the verdict.
We just built the HHH metrodome 20 years ago ( at 18 years old they want new??? )
MN Twins wanted new outdoor stadium ( hmmm they couldnt wait to get indoors 20 years ago)
Twins got no stadium either.
Northstars went to dallas because we wouldnt knuckle in to thier demands.
Now we got the Wild!!!
Lakers left MN for LA decades ago ( now we have Timberwolves)

Taxpayers shouldnt have to pay for rich business's buildings.

If 3M see's the Vikings get a payed for stadium. whats to keep them from saying Hey, build us a new building or we will move our 60,000 jobs to the highest bidding city!!!

Business is Business..................they want a free ride tell em "no problem, here, sit and spin"
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