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Memphis DIY'er Shower job, FIRST TILE JOB!

Got kicked out of another thread and now starting my own, just kidding CX, thanks for the help.

Doing my first complete rip out of old shower, built 3 foot knee wall, expanded the floor dimension, tile on the bath floor and closet.

Got some feedback on pre-mixed mortar v. mastic. Lowes has both, Type I and another bucket of Pre-mixed Thinset Mortar. Did not use the TI but the Mortar,, We shall see what happens. I am using Kerabond/Keralastic mix for the shower floor based on Mapei recomendations.

Any thoughts on corner joints in the shower? Have read both, I have left about a 1/4"- in the corners. Good or bad or ok? I will be bringing in an extra towel to wipe down the walls after the shower,(Thanks JB)

I used the hardibacker board but did not put a vapor barrier behind it, never read about it or had anyone tell me about it, is this just an extra precaution?

That is all for now, Pictures will soon follow.. Thanks everyone for being so helpful
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