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"I always have coffee when I watch radar." Yeah, Space Balls is one of my favorite comedies - classic Mel Brooks.

I am guessing that the joists are not cedar - the house does not seem very bouncy at all. And it doesn't smell that great, of course that could be thanks to my niece and nephew's dogs visiting for the last week

I'm not too concerned about the electrical wiring - I already replaced most of the circuits in the house with grounded 12-2. The only few circuits that still have the ol' ungrounded NM cable are the ones in the laundry room and the now defunct kitchen. Additionally, that project gave me a good chance to run cat 5 everywhere, despite the fact that I am also on wireless lol. Despite the fact that I have a few computers, I have figured that an isolated ground is probably overkill for my use.

I'm going to work on the joists and subfloor this weekend, since the new cabinets do arrive then - meaning it will soon be time to put the kitchen back together. As much fun as grilling brats and drinking beer on the porch is, lacking a kitchen is a pain. I also have my copy of Tile Your World on the way, I hope to work on the actual tiling within a few weeks. Yes! No laminate flooring

Thanks for all for your help, and of course for the good sense of humor in appreciating Dark Helmet and all his imperious glory.
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