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Hi Jon,

Kewl, on the C# I never got to play with it. C and C++ and ASM mainly, .NET . . . .Never, did a few TCP and UDP sockets though, in 'nix.

I was referring to 'verticle middle' and 2" is right on the border if that measurement is to the bottom of the hole.

<begin digress>
Is the Avitar 'Big Helmet' by chance? LOL Good flick if so, if not I'll need to explain Mel Brooks "Space Balls"
<end digress>

A lot of the old houses had romex w/o a ground or even knob and tube w/o a ground. While not ideal, it still works fine. If you're talking electronics/servers/etc. then you'll want to put in something with a ground. (We use isolated grounds and neutrals in computer rooms/buildings to cut back on 'noise' . . . but they have halon dump fire extingushers in 'em too, and that 'ain't ' good in a house) <shrug>

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