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Mark - no, I'm not an inspector. But even I knew that some of the crap the multitude of previous owners had done is wrong . I am a .NET guy, I prefer C#, but I have to do on the current project I'm on.

As far as the electrical work... I am not sure I get your code reference. In all my reading on DIY electrical boards, I was led to believe that a hole in a joist or stud is acceptable if it is in the center, since that does not weaken the structural integrity of the joist significantly. Unless you are refering to the horizontal middle as opposed to the vertical middle? The diameter on the holes is mostly 1/2" - 1", and that is certainly less than 1/3 of the 7.25" vertical height of the joists. Mark, you do seem to be correct about one of the old 14-2 cables, I measured the distance from the bottom of the joist and it is right at 2". I will remediate that once I do the re-wiring.

Jeff - a support beam does not seem likely. Not pictured is the other side of the utility room, where such things as the furnace is in the way (and the unfinished utility room is only half of the width - finished area on the other half). There are also plumbing lines and gas lines that do seem to be in the way of such a thing. I will have to give it a better look, although I don't know how comfortable I would be doing that work since the steel beam that is in place looks like it might be beyond my capabilities. However, I am comfortable putting up some sisters (I've put up with my own sister for years, after all )

As far as the sistering goes, I may just buck down and temporarily remove the electrical cables so I could go the full length. The panel is in the corner of the utility room rather close to the cables in questions, and I installed half those circuits anyway... so I could just take Saturday and re-attach them. I have to do the electrical work for the new kitchen anyway, and some of the aforementioned 14-2 is going away due to not having the grounding conductor.

CX - if my joists are cedar, that is problematic, correct? I don't think they are cedar - they didn't have much smell to them whenever I drilled through them for my electrical work. I always thought cedar had a distinct, but pleasant, aroma.

Thanks again for all the advice. I do appreciate all expertise offered on this board, as I do like to learn to do things the proper way.

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