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The photo is a great help.
Couple of thoughts from a DIY'er.
-Those cable (wires) running through the joists are against code anyway. Holes/notches cannot be made through the middle 1/3 of the joists.
- If you do sister cut those cross braces (2x8's between joists)out with a sawzall (tiger saw whatever brand you want where needed. You can save some work by removing a brace and sistering two adjoining joist on the same sides(between them).
- When I sistered mine floor I liberally applied construction glue and 16d nails fired from a nail gun and it ended up noticeably stiffer, where possible I used 2x8s about 3/4 t0 7/8 of the joist length. which it looks like you could do.

- The big question is: Is there a reason for not considering a support beam at midspan?? That would be the easiest and most effective from what I can see. You'd cut the deflection in half (I think).
Jeff in Colorado
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