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Thanks for your response, cx. Yes, most of the joists are 16" OC. A couple are less than that, but not enough of them to make a difference. I also found that there are some perpendicular 2 x 8's attached to the joists, not sure how much support that actually adds. Since I have a digital camera that I love, I am adding a picture to show the current situation (it would be best to ignore the utility room below)

There is an issue with electrical cables on the far left running through the joists, so I may not be able to easily sister the joists all the way across the full length. So you are saying that I wouldn't have to put the new 2 x 6" boards even with the current joists? Just out of curiosity, how does that help add more support? I would think that the subfloor would need to be attached to the sister, also. But, I'm also a computer geek and not a flooring expert . And how would you suggest I sister the joists? Do you use construction glue? Or nail the sister to the joist? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to get this right.
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