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Special thinset ?

Thanks for the info all !
when you talk about special Thinset - you mean modified/latex ? or some othere realy good stuff that only you pros are privy to that thay hide in the courner of the store un-labeled ?

The tile im going to use on the shower and bath is 3/8" thick 6X6 porcilean with 1/8" spacers in a diamond pattern, Is there a best thinset for this heavy tile with real grabbing power ?
If i remeber, the low carb beer mix just wont hold the gut of this project.

I am going to use laticrete roll-on waterproofing in the shower stall for lack of a vapor barier behind the CBU.

Today I laid the floor tile and still made the fire works - it took me 8 hrs to do this - I figured it would take 4 hrs, stopping for food 1 time 1/2 hrs, Bet I would be so fired if I worked for a tile shop! well then again over 50% of the tile were cuts ! happy 4Th all.
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